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BretonDriven by Innovation      FOR THE COMPLETE FABSHOP

Breton S.p.A.                                                 Bridge Saws

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From the drawing to the finished piece in just 3 steps with Breton FABCAM

From your office PC in 3 simple steps the entire process.



    The design module allows you to design the project, starting from a dxf drawing "template" or by using the integrated CAD  

     module to create a true layout of the project.

    At this stage the user can access a library (managed by the user) simplifying and speeding up project design.

    The user can select from a library thickness and type of material for each single piece and update the library with a photo

    of the piece itself.

    The various edge finishing processes and milling operations are also defined at this stage.



    To obtain the desired finish and effect, the pieces to be cut are positioned on the digital photo of the slab using the mouse.

    Piece positioning offers a wide number of functions allowing the various pieces to be positioned next to each other, simultaneously rotated and shifted. At the same time the user checks for any point of collision and impact with the milling tools.

    As the user positions the pieces on the slab displayed, the dynamic rendering automatically updates taking into account the veining in the material as well as the amount of material removed during cutting, milling and finishing operations.

    Fine details of individual pieces are displayed, such as edge finishing, recesses, backsplashes offering a powerful aid to the user and above all guaranteeing the achievement of the desired project aesthetics.

    The cutting sequence can be saved and displayed from any PC. Using the zoom function it is possible to enlarge the seaming area. The cutting sequence and rendering can be digitally exported as JPEG file or printed so the Customer can approve the project before cutting.

    To complete this stage the combined disc cutting and milling operations are simulated.



    For each single piece the tool sequence is defined and the various work programs are generated to allow for any required manual operations.•    At this stage both slab position on the worktable and tooling are defined such as the position of the suction cups and the position of the pieces after cutting so as to create spaces between the pieces to allow for edging finishing operations.






























PAVE Technology Company, Inc.                         

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Pressure And Vacuum Electronics”  PAVE Manufactures hermetically sealed penetration assemblies of any type of wire or cable with no detectable leakage of air, gas, moisture or fluids through the cable's stranded or solid copper conductor or insulation! Almost any wire combination, type (including fiber optic), length or number can be specified in a sealed assembly.



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